We are the Toronto Western Neurovascular Group

We are committed to providing comprehensive care, advancing education, and conducting research on vascular disorders affecting the central nervous system. Our multidisciplinary program was established in 1989 by Dr. Karel ter Brugge, one of the pioneers in interventional neuroradiology, and Dr. Christopher Wallace, a distinguished vascular neurosurgeon. The team is led by neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, neurologists, and radiation specialists encompassing a wide range of expertise and treatment options for neurovascular diseases.

Why refer your patient to us:

Multidisciplinary Approach

Before your patient visits our clinic, we review and discuss their case with our multidisciplinary team that brings diverse knowledge and skills to evaluate each case thoroughly. This collaborative approach allows us to provide fast and accurate assessments, saving valuable time for both you and your patient.

One Appointment

Your patient will consult with all relevant specialists in a single appointment: our comprehensive team is conveniently housed under one roof — all at the same time. This means no need for multiple appointments.We offer two specialized multidisciplinary clinics for complex and rare neurovascular diseases.

Two members of the Toronto Neurovascular Group having a serious conversation in front of a screen displaying medical images.

Faster and more accurate diagnoses

Each of our specialists brings unique knowledge and skills to evaluate your patient’s case, ensuring a comprehensive assessment that leads to timely and effective treatment decisions.

Treatment with the Highest Benefits and Lowest Risks

Whether it’s an endovascular treatment, open surgery, radiosurgery, or a conservative treatment with medication, or a combination of these options, we will leverage our expertise to deliver the best possible care, tailored to your patients’ unique needs even with the most complex cases.

Second opinions

We understand the value of second opinions in providing comprehensive care and welcome the opportunity to offer our expertise and insights for the benefit of your patients.

How Referral Works

  • Refer your patient
  • You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt within a few days.
  • We will triage your patient’s case.
  • If we evaluate that your patient requires a time-sensitive treatment, we will schedule their appointment within a week after we triage the case.